Double Feature Theater

A weekly movie series that pairs two movies streaming on Netflix in an interesting way. Context is the key. More...
  • Vice Principal: Come on inside. It's okay, I didn't call your parents, yet.
  • Andrew Morenski: Uh, no, I think you're making a real mistake.
  • Vice Principal: Oh, and taking a blowtorch to the couch in the teacher's lounge, was that also, perhaps, a real mistake?
  • Andrew Morenski: But I--
  • Vice Principal: Hey man, you did it, and now you're what, sorry? Maybe depressed a little? Hey, I am not the enemy. So why don't you just come on in, uh, Shawn?
  • Shawn: Go ahead and call my parents, dude. I didn't do shit!
  • Vice Principal: Come on in, Shawn.
  • Shawn: Go ahead and call them man, I didn't do shit!